In 2012, Norsk Vind Energi and Zephyr agreed to merge Helleheia Vindkraftverk and Tellenes Vindkraftverk. Norsk Vind Energi owned 26.25 per cent of the merged project, before it was sold to investors in 2016.

The wind farm is located in the region surrounding the ilmenite mines at Tellenes in the municipalities of Sokndal and Lund. The construction of Tellenes Wind Farm began during the summer of 2016, and is expected to finish in autumn 2017. The wind farm will consist of 50 turbines, delivered by Siemens, which will generate a total installed effect of around 160MW. It is estimated that the wind farm will annually produce approximately 520GWh, equating to the electric consumption of around 25.000 Norwegian households.

During June 2016 the project was acquired by the American company Blackrock, and it was further decided to increase investment into the project. A long-term supply contract has also been entered into with Google (please see press statement for further details).

If one wants to read further development details and paperwork concerning Tellenes Wind Farm, these are readily available at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s (NVE) webpage.

Welcome to Tellenes wind farm!

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