If one wants to read further development details and paperwork concerning Skorveheia Wind Farm, these are readily available at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s (NVE) webpage.

Norsk Vind Energi is planning on developing a wind farm at Skorveheia in the municipality of Flekkefjord. The area lies just south of Norwegian national road 44, around 2 kilometres east of Kvanvik. The estimated size of the wind farm is 36MW installed effect, which would produce approximately 95GWh annually, equating to the average electrical consumption of 5000 Norwegian households. As a result, the wind farm could potentially supply enough electricity to cover almost all of the households in both the municipalities of Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal.

Skorveheia Wind Farm received its license from NVE in December of 2013, and was confirmed by OED during April of 2015. The wind farm is expected to be connected to pre-existing electrical infrastructure via the 66 kV line that lies around two kilometres north of the project. However, before Agder Energi Nett will allow us the use of their infrastructure, certain upgrades must be made to both the electrical lines and transformer stations. This means that the project can, at the earliest, be connected to the regional electrical lines during 2018.

The windy conditions along the heights found at Skorveheia are considered favourable when compared to other comparable areas in the county of Vest-Agder. Based upon up-to-date data, combined with long-term reports from Lista Fyr, the wind speed potential for the highest placed wind turbines can reach 7.8-8.0 m/s.

Welcome to Skorveheia wind farm!

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