Høg-Jæren Wind Farm is owned by Jæren Energi AS, and is operated by Eurus Energy Norway.

The majority stock holder of Jæren Energi AS is Eurus Energy, one of the world’s leading wind power producers, currently operating over 50 different wind farms all over the world. The ownership structure of Høg-Jæren Wind Farm is as follows: 66 per cent Eurus Energy Europe, 20 per cent EWZ, seven per cent Norsk Vind Energi AS, and seven per cent Norsk VindPro AS.

If one wants to read further development details and paperwork concerning Høg-Jæren Wind Farm, these are readily available at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s (NVE) webpage.

Currently, Høg-Jæren Wind Farm is our most recognised wind power project. It has the potential to supply 13.000 households with clean and renewable electricity. During the development of the project, we experienced overwhelming political support, both locally and nationally. The opening of the farm, on the 10th of September 2011, was a crucial milestone for both Norsk Vind Energi AS, and local ambitions for developing large scale wind power projects in the south of Norway.

Today, the wind farm consists of 32 wind turbines that give a total installed effect of 73.6 MW. Generally, Jæren experiences a lot of wind, and this has a noticeable effect on its excellent production results. Høg-Jæren Wind Farm produces approximately 250GWh, which has granted its projects the “Wind Warrior of the Year” award in 2012, 2013, and 2014, by the wind energy industry organisation Norwea.

Høg-Jæren Wind Farm enjoys many visitors, and has become a popular activity centre and recreational area. It is, amongst other things, utilised for skiing, hiking and biking. The local sports team, Varhaug IL, even organises the annual “Wind Park Run”, which welcomes both professional and semi-professional athletes, as well as individuals looking for a good work-out.

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