Building contractor & Entrepreneurs
Building contractor
The project is owned by Norsk Vind Egersund AS. Norsk Vind Energi AS represents the owners of the project, and will remain as project leaders.

Turbine supplier
The German turbine supplier Senvion will deliver the turbines for the project.

Veidekke has the overall responsibility for everything related to infrastructure. This means that it is Veidekke that both plans, and executes, any work related to roadworks, riggings areas, foundations, transformer stations, as well as all electric and technical deliveries of cables and transformers. Veidekke have also brought on-board Berthelsen and Garpestad as sub-contractors for road construction, as well as Otera in relation to powerline and VEO in charge of electrical deliveries.

Poweline entrepeneur
Otera is responsible for constructing the approximately eight kilometers of poweline that will connect the project to the pre-existing Kjelland transformer station.

(Construction of powerlines)

Ongoing construction
The construction of necessary roadworks began August 1st. 2016, and is currently under development throughout the construction site. In the initial phase of the construction, the main focus has been on road development. We are now starting up work in relation to foundations, cables and the transformer station.

Otera, in charge of the powerline cables, has completed approximately half of the masts that will be risen. This includes the three metal masts surrounding Hornesvatnet. Otera will shortly commence work related to the remaining powerline setup.


Egersund Wind Farm is located by Åsheia and Kolldalsheia in the municipality of Eigersund, approximately 5-8 kilometres east of the city of Egersund.

It has been many years since our first thoughts turned to the potential of a wind farm in this area, and we are pleased that the project is finally underway!

Further information
If one wants to read further development details and paperwork concerning Egersund Wind Farm, these are readily available at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s (NVE) webpage.

Egersund wind farm is currently under construction!

Important information:

  • Norsk Vind Energi AS invited to an open-day event at Egersund wind farm.
    See photos from the day here!
  • Demolition work is currently taking place in multiple parts of the project area, during all days of the week excepting Sundays. Please be aware!

Timeline: (Please note that changes may occur)


Construction begins on roadworks and turbine foundations



Construction of powerlines complete


Construction of northern roadworks and turbine foundations complete. Transport of first turbines commences.




Activation of first turbine.


Final turbine transport




Project complete


Construction begins on the powerlines



Construction of southern roadworks and turbine foundations complete



Project information


Egersund Wind Farm is located by Åsheia and Kolldalsheia in the municipality of Eigersund, approximately 5-8 kilometres east of the city of Egersund. On the map you can see the project area, highlighted in red, as well as the planned placements of the turbines and roadworks.

Contact information
For more information, please contact our project leader via E-mail or Telephone.

Per Ove Skorpen
Project leader

Mobile: 95 16 00 05

(Construction of roadworks and turbine foundations)

Contact information:

Per Ove Skorpen
Project leader

Mobile: 95 16 00 05


Progress report
We are happy that the construction work has commenced rapidly, and that the progress is on schedule. During September 2016, the rigging area has been established with temporary pre-fabricated cabins.

The roadworks construction will continue until April/May 2017. During this same period all the foundations for the different wind turbines will also be finalized, so that these are ready for turbine installation.

The raising of wind turbines will begin May 2017, and the last turbine is expected to be in place by September 2017. The whole project should be finished by the end of 2017.

Working hours
The project will be utilizing the following work hours: 7am to 9pm during regular workdays, and 7am to 3pm on Saturdays. No work is to be conducted on Sundays.

The entrepreneurs do not expect the work to cause disproportionate and unnecessary disturbances during these work times, thus avoiding inconveniencing neighboring properties.

Increased congestion on public roads is expected during the months of October/Norvember 2016, due to transportation of cable sand from Hellvik to the rig area. Turbine transport will commence May 2017, and continue into the autumn of 2017. More details to follow.

Per Ove Skorpen
Project leader

Mobile: 95 16 00 05


Safety measures measures

We kindly ask people to take care, and recognize that the area in question is experiencing heavy construction work. With this in mind we remind people to prioritize their safety, and refrain from travelling in the area. Warning signs will be placed around the area, and we ask that people respect their message.

During the course of November 2016, we intend to organize a “visitors’ day”, which invites people into the project area to see with their own eyes the work being done.

Planned magnitude
Egersund Wind Farm will consist of 33 wind turbines, each generating 3.4 MW for a combined effect of 112.2 MW.

The expected annual production should be around 395GWh, which equates to the annual electric consumption of 20.000 Norwegian households.

Projected cost
The construction of Egersund Wind Farm will cost approximately 1.2 billion Norwegian kroner (NOK).

Norsk Vind Energi
Wind power
Clean and renewable

(Construction of powerlines)

(Fundation work and laying of cables)