Bjerkreim Wind Farm consists of three relating wind energy projects, namely Norsk Vind Skinansfjellet AS, Gravdal Vindkraftverk AS and Bjerkreim Vind AS. The projects lie next to each other, and were given license by NVE in December 2009, confirmed by OED in July 2012. The wind farm is located in the municipalities of Hå and Bjerkreim, and will have a combined total effect of around 260MW.

Statnett will build a new central transformer station, which all the projects will be connected to. Statnett’s only demand was that the combined investment would produce a minimum of 203MW. With various owners on the different projects, it proved difficult to coordinate such investment decisions. Therefore, we are happy to announce that that we, in January 2016, acquired the company Bjerkreim Vind AS from Agder Energi, Dalane Energi AS and Lyse Produksjon AS. We also bought Gravdal Vindkraftverk AS from Fred. Olsen Renewables AS in April 2016.

As a result, we have gained the necessary project ownership to singlehandedly meet Statnett’s minimum demands of 203MW. Since the acquisitions, we are focusing on developing and finalising all necessary contracts, as well as being in regular dialogue with potential investors. The positive feedback we have received so far makes us confident that all of the project will be realised in accordance with the original timeframe.

If one wants to read further development details and paperwork concerning these projects, these are readily available at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s (NVE) webpage: Skinansfjellet, Gravdal, and Bjerkreim vind.

Welcome to Bjerkreim wind farm!

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