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Wind power
Clean and renewable

In the South-West of Norway, we have so far been granted six concessions by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). In total, our current projects, when constructed, will be able to produce approximately 2 TWh (2 billion kWh) per year. Based upon today’s Norwegian energy consumption averages, this is enough to cover roughly 100.000 households.

Norsk Vind Energi’s current project portfolio in Rogaland makes up around 50 per cent of all development concessions passed by local governments concerning renewable energy until 2020. This has been confirmed by the Rogaland County Council’s “Energy and Climate plan”.

Alternatively, our wind power projects can also deliver energy via the world’s longest electric cable, which runs between Kvilldal in Rogaland and Blyth on the east coast of England, to more than 200.000 English households. This clean and renewable energy production can potentially replace the current coal based electricity production found in England. This is especially relevant considering the legislature passed stating that coal based power production is to be phased out, thus reducing CO2 emissions by more than 1.5 million tons per year. This equates to more than 400.000 cars worth of CO2 emissions per year.

Together we are building a zero-emission society!

Our vision is to create a zero-emission society – through the development of renewable energy supplies and the reduction of greenhouse gases. This vision and our goals are fundamental to our work with developing, constructing and maintaining clean renewable energy production, both domestically and abroad.

Norsk Vind Energi AS was founded in 1996, and we have since then worked continuously to develop projects for wind power production in Norway and abroad. It started with the idea of cutting emissions, while at the same time securing future energy supplies. Today, twenty years later, we are still working to achieve this goal. Our efforts have helped put Norway’s “energy county” Rogaland on the map.

It has always been immensely important for us to be involved in the development of our wind farms throughout all the project stages from A to Z. This has contributed to the advancement of our broad experience and solid competence within all phases of wind project development. Our expertise includes knowledge regarding the operation and maintenance of wind farms, as well as questions concerning ownership. Today, we are considered one of Norway’s largest private companies concerning wind power, and we are continuing to work towards making further advancements within both domestic and international wind energy markets.

We recognise the value of involving ourselves both locally and internationally. Our goal is to, step-by-step, develop a zero-emission society together as a team. We are also assisting developing countries to meet their energy demands in a sustainable manner, based upon the utilisation of any local renewable energy potential.

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