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Start-up of turbine transportation

The construction of Egersund wind farm is entering a new phase.

The first transportation of turbine component deliveries will start in the southern site area from 03.04.17.

The transportations will follow the same passage through Egersund town, southbound along Rv 44 Sokndalsveien, as the transports for Tellenes Windfarm. A new junction has been established by Hålandsdalen, and the transports will leave Sokndalsveien at this point and head up the newly upgraded road in Hålandsdalen. After passing Hålandsdalen, the transportation will continue along Rv 56 Heggdalsveien up to the construction site area.

The commissioning phase of the turbines will commence 24.04 in the southern site area, and 29.05 in the northern site area. The mobilization for turbine commissioning means that the civil works related to road -and foundation construction, is coming to an end.

The company handling the transportation is the same company that handle all Tellenes transportations. In this regard, all transportation activities is well coordinated between the two projects.

There will be regular activity as of Monday night, up until Thursday night between 21.00 and 06.00. The transports will be conducted at night to ensure as little impact on traffic on the public roads as possible.

On average, one turbine requires approximately 10 transports in order to deliver all turbine components. With 33 turbines for installation, the number of transports between the port and site will be high. we apologize for any inconvenience this may imply.

(The first components arrived 24.03.17)