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New Project M‍‍‍anager‍‍‍ in Norsk Vind Energi

Magnus is educated civil engineer at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway and has since2011 worked with planning and realization of wind projects as consultant in Rambøll.He has been involved in a number of wind-projects in Scandinavia and has inparticular gained a lot of experience with infrastructure planning and engineering,contracting and project management.   Magnus has followed and completed Rambøll`s program for project managers andhas been responsible for managing and coordinating several cross sectionalassignments during the last years.The experience he has achieved has given him a valuable insight in many of the coredisciplines and interphases in a typical wind project. His experience is very importantfor the realization phase we now enter into for several of our major wind-farms.‍‍‍

Magnus is very familiar with our current project portfolio since he has been engagedas a full time consultant since mars 2016 in the Bjerkreim and Måkaknuten windprojects. He represents a very valuable strengthening of the staff and project team ofNorsk Vind Energi.