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New Senior adviser Wind&Site‍‍‍‍‍‍ in Norsk Vind Energi

John Amund has been a Senior-analyst at Meventus ltd, and has more than 8 years ofexperience with developing and construction of wind power in Norway. He is an expertwithin the Wind & Site disciplines and within wind technique. He will also strengthen theteam as very competent within environmental impact assessments, and with regard to thekey process of dialogue with relevant authorities, as well as managing turbine techniquedisciplines and the operation of windfarms.He has participated in several research programs including CFD-modelling and Lidar-systemanalysis, both as project-worker and project manager.The results have been published in several research magazines and been presented atseveral conferences, and have contributed to an improved accuracy related to thecalculation of the production volumes from a typical wind-power plant.‍‍‍

John Amund has been a key participant in the process of detailed engineering andconstruction of the Tellenes windfarm (160 MW.)He also has key experience from renewable energy development in new markets such asfrom the Gori Wind Farm (20MW), being the first windpower project in Georgia.