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New Senior adviser electro in‍‍‍ Nor‍‍‍sk Vind Energi‍‍‍

Kjetil is educated civil engineer at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, and has since 1999managed concession application processes, impact assessments, and gridconnectivity for windfarms as a consultant in the national consultancy companyJøsok Prosjekt.He has been involved in a number of windfarm projects as well as in smallerhydropower projects in Norway.He has extensive experience with electrical engineering and planning of wind-powerplants, grid and substation solutions, and with contracting and project management.Kjetil has been involved, directly or indirectly in most of the realized windfarms inNorway. He had a key role in planning and optimizing the windfarm projects atFosen, Snillfjord, Sogn og Fjordane and Bjerkreim/Rogaland.‍‍‍

As of today Kjetil will be dedicated to follow up on the project portfolio of Norsk VindEnergi. He will serve as senior responsible for all electro disciplines with an overallresponsibility for grid-planning and electrification of Norsk Vind Energi`s windfarms.‍‍‍