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Per Ove Skorpen is taking the helm as the new CEO of Norsk Vind Energi AS

Norsk Vind Energi AS was established in 1996. Lars Helge Helvig has since then acted as CEO, while Rune Hersvik has had the role as co-founder and chairman of the board. Patience in the process of developing windpower licences through the last 20 years has resulted in the realization of approximately 600 MW of windpower under construction in Rogaland for the upcoming 3 years!

This change of pace has led to decisions in favor of adjusting the organization. Per Ove Skorpen is stepping to the role as new CEO, Lars Helge Helvig takes the role as chairman of the board and Rune Hersvik continues as key partner and board member.

«With the large scale development of our projects the upcoming years, it is important to strengthen our operational focus in our organization. Skorpen entered Norsk Vind Energi AS in the spring of 2016 in the role as Project Director Construction, with more than 10 years of experience from wind power projects in Rambøll. He will continue combining his role with the responsibilities as CEO. In addition, we are hiring new resources with key technical competence, in order to ensure satisfactory project completion.”
–Lars Helge Helvig (left)

The projects now being realized gives Norsk Vind Energi AS and our owners a unique opportunity to further engage ourselves in the renewable movement. The company will continue enforcing its strength within project development, while new technological solutions in relation to production, distribution and storing of energy opens up a lot of exciting possibilities. We have a fundamental belief in wind power as a renewable energy resource, and have faith that the future will open up to an even greater synergy between power production and industry, in developing optimal social economical solutions!

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