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Fir‍‍‍st Kilowatt hour supplied to the grid by Egersund Windfarm!

11.08.17 the Egersund project supplied it´s first Kilowatt hour to the grid. On Sunday 03.09.17, the last component was trasportet from the port to the site area. The last component was succ‍‍‍essfully lifted and mounted on the last turbine on Saturday 09.09.17. This marks the end of turbine assembly, as all 33 turbines are assembled, and all cranes are now ready for de-commisioning and transportation. The main activities on site will now commence inside the turbines, and week by week y‍‍‍ou will see more tubines rotating. The turbines will start their trial-period once they start rotating. The number of workers will gradually decrease, which will result in less traffic to and from site areas.

In addition to work on the turbines, workers are also in the process of re-vegetating alongside roads and hardstands in the area. These activities are in progress in the southern area of the windfarm at the moment, and will continue on in the northern area in the near future.

By the end of September, clearing activities alongside Hålandsdalen will commence. By October similar activities will be executed alongside Heggdalsveien. We apologize for any inconvenience this may result in for the people who use these roads regularly.

This summer has been a bit more windy than anticipated, and this has made the assembly process of the turbines a bit more time consuming. This has resulted in a minor set-back in the time schedule, but we hope to have all turbines in operation before Christmas.

On a final note, we would like to remind everyone that the site is still a construction area and we ask that you respect the signage.

We are in a phase where we are reaching several milestones!‍‍‍